About Temp-Rite Steel Treating

Who We Are:   

Temp-Rite Steel Treating is an ISO 9001:2022 certified metal and alloy heat treat facility owned and operated by Paul DeCook. Founded in 1986 by Paul’s father, Girard, Temp-Rite Steel Treating and the DeCook Family offers our customers over 70 years of heat treat experience!  We specialize in a full range of heat treating processes, including flame hardening, aluminum hardening, vacuum hardening, carburizing, black oxidizing, straightening, and stress relieving, just to name a few.  Give us a call at 586-469-3071 for our complete list of services!

Our Quality Policy Statement:   Temp-Rite Steel Treating is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  Our staff strives to exceed customer expectations. We aim for continuous improvement in all areas of the business. This is achieved through ISO9001 Quality Systems.”

Looking forward: Temp-Rite Steel Treating actively reinvests in our company by updating our furnaces and equipment, and by providing all our employees with up-to-date, comprehensive training.  Our customers always receive quality products that conform to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards!  See our certification here: ISO9001 2022

Since 1986, Temp-Rite Steel Treating has continued to provide superior quality heat treating services for many different automotive and machine tool customers.  Our 22,000 square foot facility allows us to serve more than 400 customers in the greater Detroit area, and nationwide!

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For more information, give us a call at 586-469-3071, or email us at: joshdecook@tempritesteel.com