Salt Baths

Salt Pot LoadingIn our salt department, parts to be treated are suspended in a molton, neutral salt bath.  Suspending a molten neutral salt bath helps minimize distortion.  Once fully austenized, the work is then quenched in either oil, water, brine, or a thermo-quenching medium (also known as mar quenching).  Temp-Rite Steel Treating provides a full line of neutral salt bath hardening.

Quenching medium is determined by many factors, which include:

– Desired Rockwell
– Size
– Shape
– Fine Hole
– Thin Edges

After quenching, parts are then cleaned and tempered down to their desired rockwell. 

Temp-Rite Steel Treating maintains a salt bath area for hardening and tempering operations.  The area is arranged to expedite maximum production flow of industrial parts.