Vacuum Department

Why choose vacuum heat treating?

Elements like air and moisture react with metal during the heat treat process, which can cause distortion in material hardness and/or discoloration of part surfaces.

Temp-Rite Steel Treating’s vacuum furnaces offer:VF Dpt

  • Controlled, oxygen free environment
  • Minimized distortion of parts
  • Bright, clean, scale-free surfaces
  • Part-to-part process repeatability
  • Environmentally friendly processing

In addition, Temp-Rite Steel Treating inspects and thoroughly cleans all parts to remove oils and contaminants prior to vacuum treating to further prevent discoloration and surface flaws that may occur during the heat treat process.

Temp-Rite Steel Treating’s vacuum furnaces are completely programmable, allowing us to precisely control the rate of temperature increase, the soak time, and the rate of cooling.  This ensures uniform heating and helps to reduce any variance within the load.Loading VF

Materials selected for bright hardening include, but are not limited to:

  • Stainless Steels
  • High Speed Steels
  • Hot Working Steels
  • Shock Resistant Steels
  • Air Hardening Steels
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